3D Teeth Whitening Strips by Smileo | Review AD

This blog post contains gifted products from Smileo.

I don’t know about you, but a person’s smile is the first thing I see when I meet someone. As I have grown older, my teeth have become increasingly important to me. I was recently looking to get my teeth professionally whitened before getting invisible braces (which I am SO excited for), but when Smileo reached out to me, I thought I would give their teeth whitening products a go before doing anything else.

After reading some incredible reviews from others who had tried Smileo, I was positively surprised! Smileo is now one of the leading teeth whitening companies in the world, so I figured if any whitening strips are going to work, it is these. Although this post is focused on their 3D whitening strips, I will also be testing out their entire kit in my next post to give you a full review.

I have tried a countless number of over-the-counter whitening strips in the past but if I am completely honest, I have always had problems with them. Either they are an absolute pain to remove, they cause me actual pain, or they literally make no difference at all. Hence, as you can imagine, I have not had high hopes for any whitening strips for a long time.

I have always thought teeth whitening would be quite bad for your teeth, especially for your tooth enamel. Having highly sensitive teeth, I have been hesitant to try anything new when it comes to teeth whitening products. However, Smileo’s products are 100% safe, cause no harm, pain or sensitivity during or after the use as their products are made of natural ingredients and do not contain peroxides, which can normally cause pain and sensitivity in whitening products.

My favourite thing about Smileo? All of their products are both vegan and cruelty free, which makes me incredibly happy. This means that no animals have been tested and no animal-derived ingredients have been used to create these products. If only more brands were thriving to be more like Smileo.

Smileo’s 3D whitening strips are one of the most popular and well-reviewed methods to whiten teeth. These strips are extremely easy and quick to use, which is amazing. All you have to do is apply the strips, leave them on for 30 minutes and then remove them. After that rinse your mouth and you should be able to see the results immediately. Easy peasy!

First of all, the packaging is super sleek, and I am a sucker for good packaging. I love the matte black pouches that you can easily open to get out your teeth whitening strips. You get 14 treatments in one pack, which include both upper and lower teeth strips.

The 3D whitening strips are soft and squishy and almost invisible on your teeth. I found that they were really easy to apply and remove as it only took me a few seconds. I like to put them on while I do my makeup and remove them when I’m done, which generally takes me about 30 minutes anyway, so it is very convenient to insert into my routine. I was a bit cautious as I have incredibly sensitive teeth, but these have caused me absolutely no pain or sensitivity, and the taste is quite pleasant too!

When I started, I used their tooth whitening shade guide and I would say my teeth shade was somewhere between 4 and 5. Not super yellow, but definitely room for improvement, especially when it comes to the teeth on the sides of my mouth.

I have done 4 treatments so far and my teeth are definitely the shade 2 already, which is so insane to me! It has taken no effort from me whatsoever so I’m incredibly pleased with the results already. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference after just one day, so I swear these are some magic whitening strips that cover everything you would ever want or need.

No pain, no sensitivity, no harmful ingredients, no animal cruelty. Just completely vegan, natural ingredients and fantastic results even after one use. I can honestly vouch for these as my experience has been surprisingly incredible.

If you would like to try these for yourself, visit smileo.com and apply the code ‘helina10‘ at checkout to get yourself an extra 10% off all products. They ship worldwide!

If you’re based in Estonia, please do visit their Estonian site smileo.ee. The discount code ‘helina10‘ for 10% off all products still applies!

If you end up trying any of Smileo’s products, please do let me know as I would love to hear about your results! I am genuinely so pleased.

Be kind, be humble.

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