When it gets too much…

Do you ever feel like there is just too much going on and you just want to run away before the walls close in on you? That’s exactly how I felt a month ago. As if the stress of final master’s assignments, putting the pressure on myself to get a first class degree and needing a job after graduation was not enough, things in personal life got stressful too. Sometimes when everything happens at once, dealing with even one of the things can be a task that feels like too much to handle. At the beginning of September I felt like a phone running on it’s last 1% and I knew I needed a break.

Having a break does not have to mean a thousand-pound holiday to Mallorca, sometimes you just need to be surrounded by the people you love, your family and friends you know you can count on no matter what. That for me is my family home in Pärnu, Estonia. I am so lucky to have the most amazing, hilarious, generous, caring and loving family. No word of a lie, my parents are probably the funniest people I have ever met. So, on the 12th of September, I hopped on a flight back to Estonia until the end of the month.

1.pngMy holiday started off with a weekend-visit from my relative and one of my closest friends in the world, Kaisa. We have been inseparable since we were born (she was born first and when I was born a month later, she dropped all of her 1-month-year-old buddies and picked me instead obbbbbviously). Our weekend was filled with lots of lols reminiscing about High School Musical, our love for Zanessa and Miley Cyrus, and all the ridiculous adventures we got up to every single summer before I moved to England. ANNND lots of food!


As my family home is only a 15-minute walk away from the beach, we went and ran in the sand while listening to music, taking lil polaroids and laughing until our stomachs hurt (which is what we do pretty much every time we get together hehe). We used to listen ‘Into Your Arms’ by The Maine all the time, so that was pretty much the soundtrack of our beach walk. Was anyone else absolutely obsessed with the song a couple of years ago? (I still am oopsssssie!)


& we pretended that we were on the set of ‘The Last Song’ because there was a little path we found and it looked exactly like it (to us anyway) – I mean look at the piccy below! This also led to us watching the movie again and crying like no tomorrow although we have seen it a thousand times haha!


I also spent lots of time with my family. The reality of living abroad is that little relatives that might not remember you that well. My baby nephew was born when I already lived in the UK, so sometimes he doesn’t really understand why I appear and go away, and who I am exactly. BUT this time he actually fell asleep on my lap and I could’ve cried, how freakinnn cute! Also, my cat sprained his ankle and I have never ever been such a worried cat-mom in my life. Hi to all my fellow cat-moms out there!I hope you’re just as crazy of a cat-lady as me. (Also, yes, I’m wearing Angelica pyjamas, I’m clearly a fashion blogger #fashunnn).


I also went to the cinema with my bestie Maris but clearly was having too much fun and forgot to take any piccies! We watched the weirdest film called ‘Destination Wedding’, which literally only had two actors. We left the cinema very confused about whether we actually liked the film, but I had the most amazing time talking to her, as always. Let me know what you thought of the film because we have no clue. It was so weird. But kind of okay too. As I said – we’ve got no clue.

After a week and a half of recharging my batteries, my boyfriend Kieran finished his job for the summer and came and visited too! First things first (as always for us), FOOOOOD! If you have a Hesburger around you, get yourself a Soya Tortilla meal deal with fries and your drink of choice because they are absolutely insane. If you normally eat meat, pleaseee try this because it tastes insanely realistic and I know you’d love it.


The rest of the week consisted of eating way too much food, going to the cinema four times, buying presents for my bigger nephew, shopping, and going on little walks around town. We made friends with so many cute ducks and I honestly couldn’t be happier.


Of course, we had to go to the beach. I don’t think there is anything more relaxing than walking along the beach with a nice little sea breeze and listening to the waves. Perfection.


Also, how unfair is it that boyfriends always look like actual Instagram models on pictures and I can barely even get a picture where I’m not laughing and making the weirdest faces? UNFAIR.


ALSO ALSO, I finally got my marks for my final assignments and I will be graduating with a First Class MSc in International Management! Makes all the stress and worrying worth it.

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is to say that life can throw all challenges at you at once. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much, but that does not make life not worth living. Life is full of surprises and people that love you. If you’re struggling, reach out. Message me or someone close to you. You’re not alone and this is not the end.

Be kind, be humble.


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