Let’s start off with the fact that I am completely in love with Lush. The fact that they are cruelty free and fighting against animal testing just makes me heart so so happy. Also, their products smell and look incredible. Going in the store does make my head spin as everything smells so strong but that’s also what makes them amazing.

Usually I just step in, buy about one bath bomb and then try to exit as quickly as possible to make sure that my bank account doesn’t cry too much. But this time, I decided to stock up because I honestly can’t even be bothered with baths, unless it’s a Lush bath. Yup, I’m that invested in a brand and I would honestly buy every single product in the store if I had unlimited funds. Unfortunately, I live that student life, so I had to restrain myself and I promised myself I wouldn’t go crazy. So here are some Lush goodies, not too many, not too little, just that perfect amount before I go completely broke. Enjoy!

1. Cream Egg Pink & Blue Bubble: Bubble Bar

When I saw this I knew I had to have it. I mean, come on, how pretty does that look? This is the second one I used and I loooove bubble bars for all the fun bubbles. What’s a bath without bubbles, am I right? It smells super sweet and just like the Hubba Bubba bubble gum I used to have as a kid. Deffo check out this bubble bar if they still have them in stock! It’s increeeedible.


2. Creamy Candy: Bubble Bar

This was the first bubble bar I used from this little haul and the bath became a magical pink unicorn candy land. It definitely smells like creamy candy, so they got the name of the product spot on. The bubbles were crazy and when I finished my bath, I walked out smelling like an absolute sweet goddess. You need to try this.


3. Sex Bomb: Bath Bomb

I haven’t used this yet (but I’m literally going to use it tonight because I can’t wait any longer!!!) but I can tell you that it sure looks beautiful. I can already imagine how pretty the bath is going to look and it smells like a rose garden. I didn’t even think I liked the rose smell that much but this is making me reconsider.


4. Rocket Science: Bath Bomb

I bought this bath bomb for my boyfriend Kieran but I’m actually kind of jealous now after he told me about his amazing bath experience. Apparently it smelt reeeeally fresh and fruity and the bath turned into a magical blue ocean with glitter in it. Yup, it was that insane. Plus, this cost less than £3 so I think we should all go to Lush and stock up on these as they sound incredible!


5. Big Blue: Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is what it is, it is big and it is blue. It smells super refreshing so I’m definitely going to use it during the hot days in the UK. It kind of reminds me of the clear blue sea in Turkey and I guess this is a cheaper way of enjoying the beaches there! So excited to try this one out.


6. Sakura: Bath Bomb

I’m probably the most excited to try this one. I mean look at it!!! It looks like a unicorn coloured bath bomb and it smells divine! It also has quite a refreshing but sweet scent so I absolutely love this one. I think we can already tell that the bath is going to turn into a magical wonderland. Woooweee!


7. Rock Star: Soap

Last but definitely not least, Kieran wanted to buy himself a soap bar. I’ve never bought Lush soaps so I didn’t really think much of it but oh my gosh, it is amazing. After he first used this, he walked into the living room and the whole entire room smelt like this sweet fruity magic and I was shocked. Who needs candles and reed diffusers when you can just use some soap, am I right? I honestly cannot even describe how yummy this smells and apparently it feels great too. I just want to say sorry, Kieran, but I’m going to have to steal some of yours (soz not soz).


I really hope you enjoyed this little Lush haul because there’s nothing I love more than good old Lush hauls (although they do make me go to Lush the next day and spend my monthly allowance). If you’d like to to keep up with my posts, give my blog a lil follow! It would honestly mean the entire world to me to keep this little blog going. Anyways, enjoy your day and keep doing your thing!

Be kind, be humble.



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