Making The “Right” Choice

Making the right choice. Whether it comes to your education, career, relationship or friendships, it’s always a tough decision. Is this the right career path for me? Is this the area I want to invest my time and money in and get a degree in? Is my partner the one for me? Are these friendships worth holding on to?

There have been so many moments in my life where I’ve found myself thinking if I’ve made the right choice. Did I make the right choice moving to England to do my bachelors degree here and leave everyone else behind? Did I make the right choice staying here after three years and continuing with a masters degree? Did I make the right choice moving in with my boyfriend? Did I choose the right degree subject for my future?

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More importantly, will I make the right choices in the future? Should I continue my career in England because of the vast amount of opportunities after graduating from masters or should I move back to Estonia that I miss so dearly? Should I start a 9-5 office job after graduation or should I aim to become self employed and pursue a career in social media marketing, blogging and making videos? The choices I have to make in a few months keep circling around my head on top of the choices that I have already made. So how can we know if we’ve made the right choices and if we are going to make the right ones in the future?

We can’t.

Yup, probably not what you expected to hear when you started reading this blog post. It’s simply because there is no way to know how a choice is fully going to affect your life. You can make a list of pros and cons but just because there’s a longer list of pros for a choice doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for you. Quoting the ever so lovely Selena Gomez, “the heart wants what it wants”. This is why I try to live in the moment. I’m happy to be living in England and have gained a degree in marketing that I love so much. I’m happy to do my masters degree here and although I don’t know if International Marketing is the one for me, I am excited to learn new skills that I might be so happy about in the future. I’m so lucky to be living with a partner that I love and who loves me just as much as I love him.

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Whatever the future brings, I’m ready for it. Right choices or not, I know it will be fine because I’ve made 23 years worth of choices and here I still am. Still happy. Still excited. Still full of life.

Don’t let making the right choice knock you down. We live and we learn. If something gets you down, you can get back up. A wrong choice is not the end of the world. It’s just a step closer to making the right choice.

Be kind, be humble.


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