AD | Is Peachy Fox Skincare Worth It?

This post has been written in collaboration with PeachyFox on a gifting basis.

I got sent some nice looking face products from Peachy Fox London a couple of months ago and I was SO excited to try it all out as all of the products looked amazing. I had seen lots of bloggers receive products from Peachy Fox and I was interested to see how they worked for my skin. Also, all of the products are organic, how amazing is that!

So, a little bit about my skin. I used to really struggle with my skin but now it’s pretty much perfect. I might have a few marks here and there but I rarely ever get spots anymore, which makes me super happy (skincare routine coming soon!). I have oily/combination skin. I tend to get a bit oily in my T-zone but then I also sometimes struggle with eczema, which is a dry skin condition. In short, my skin is bipolar. So if your skin is the same, I think you should definitely keep reading!

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The first product I received was the Anti-Redness Facial Cream, which says to help calm the appearance of redness (and it’s rosacea friendly). My first impression was that it was really think, I mean like REALLY thick. I would definitely not wear this in the morning under my make-up. It is definitely a night-time moisturiser and a very heavy one. This wasn’t really my favourite as I’ve got oily skin to begin with. Also, I like moisturisers that absorb into my skin fairly quickly. However, this didn’t mean I wouldn’t want to try out the rest of the range, because just because one of the products doesn’t suit my skin doesn’t mean that the rest won’t.

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The next thing I tried out was the Marine Collagen Eye Gel. It says to help reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. I’ve never really had a problem with massive dark circles or wrinkles, but I thought I would give this a go anyway. I had some sleepless nights and honestly felt like I looked like a panda (not a cute one though) so I thought I’d apply this before putting my make-up on. Since the previous moisturiser I tried was very thick, I knew to only apply a little bit of this. To me, this definitely soothed down the designer bags under my eyes. I don’t necessarily need eye creams but I guess prevention (of wrinkle) is key! If you struggle with dark circles and wrinkles, you might want to try this out!

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The winner of this blog post. My absolute favourite. This is the Aloe Retinol Serum and it’s my skin’s lifesaver. As I said in the beginning of this blog post, eczema is not my friend. I get eczema weekly and it annoys me more than anything. Whenever I feel it coming, I put this on the same night and the next day and BOOM, it’s all gone! I honestly don’t even know how I would live without this anymore. I’ve tried the E45 cream for eczema and that did absolutely nothing for me – it stung when I put it on and it just made my face go all red. This one, however, absorbs into my skin within a minute, smells lovely and makes sure I never get eczema again. Definitely try this out, whether you’ve got oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. It’s so light and lovely and I know you would love it as much as I do!

Be kind, be humble.

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