Best of Primark Beauty!

I love doing my make-up for fun, and since I’m a student, I love my discounts. Make-up can be quite expensive at times but that’s when Primark comes to help. I was super hesitant about Primark’s make-up as I wasn’t sure if a clothing store should really be expanding into a completely new product line – beauty and make-up. I was intrigued enough to find out what their make-up was like and I was thoroughly surprised. I’ve found some absolute staples to put in my make-up bag that are far better than any high-end beauty products I’ve ever tried. Yes, they’re that great! 

The first product I love the most and only recently bought is this PS Bronze Shadow & Shade palette, which only cost £4! The pigmentation of these shadows is incredible. I never want to use my other eyeshadow palettes again! The colours in this palette are gorgeous. It has those lovely nude shades as well as a blue shade, which makes this palette so special as I love using a touch of blue in my shadow when I want to do something different. It’s got some vibrant shades as well as some more neutral ones. You definitely need this palette in your make-up bag, trust me! I also love the packaging. It’s so thin and simple, which I love as I hate bulky palettes. This is a must-have!

I’ve had this PS Pure Glow highlighting palette for a while now and I’m in love. I’ve put all of my other highlighters back in my cupboard because this is all I need! I use ‘desert’ on the bridge of my nose, inner corners of my eyes as well as my brow bone. I use ‘glimmer’ on my cheekbones and it gives the prettiest golden glow. I also use the other shades depending on my make-up look (‘firefly’ for when I’m more tanned and ‘eden’ for more cooler toned looks) and honestly it’s the best palette ever, especially for £5!

This PS blusher in the shade ‘taboo’ is gorgeous for when you want more of a coral-toned blusher rather than a pink-toned one. Pink doesn’t look the best on my pale skin so when I found this I was all over the moon. I’ve always used sparkly pink blushes but since I’ve been loving using those Primark higlighters, it all looked a bit too much. This is a gorgeous matte blusher and it’s definitely worth the £1.50 that it costs (which is insanely cheap for how amazing this is, seriously)!

Primark’s lipsticks are incredible. I decided to try out their PS Matte Long Last Lipsticks, which are so lovely. I bought this pale shade (can’t find a shade name on the lipstick, I’m sorry!) as I don’t have any pale nude lip products and I am so happy I got this. This also cost £1.50 and it’s honestly worth so much more! It gives a matte finish but it doesn’t dry out my lips at all! My lips can’t normally handle matte products (i.e. matte lip kits etc.) but this one works beautifully! Definitely check out these lipsticks, they’ve got some beautiful shades in store!

Let me know if you know of any amazing make-up bargains in the comments below because there’s nothing better than affordable good quality beauty products! If you want me to do similar posts about other drugstore brands, let me know!

Be kind, be humble.


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